Kebaya Ind Maroon

Kebaya Ind Maroon

Kebaya Ind Maroon, kebaya material has been the pattern with red hearts in an attractive and uses a combination of white thread embroidery. In this sculpture kebaya not use satin material. This can be made kebaya kebaya dress up to size XL.
Price material "Kebaya Ind Maroon." This Rp.150.000,- and still a material / fabric sheet that has been the pattern.
To subordinate batik maroon material is Rp.40.000,- (if inventories are still).


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Show New Design Kebaya
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Written by putrasemeru kebaya   
Show new design kebaya Show new design modern kebaya modern kebaya brackets 2011 from putrasemeru. For early modern kebaya kebaya putrasemeru make some brackets with several kinds of different materials, there are also some of the latest model kebaya outfit, for some models in the release with a number of limited / unlimited. Can be viewed here to see some modern kebaya kebaya brackets and front buttons.
Show new design kebaya modern kurung 2011 from kebaya modern putrasemeru. Untuk awal bulan kebaya modern putrasemeru membuat beberapa kebaya kurung dengan beberapa macam bahan yang berbeda, juga ada beberapa model baju kebaya yang terbaru, untuk beberapa model di release dengan jumlah terbatas/unlimited. Bisa di lihat di sini untuk melihat beberapa kebaya kurung dan kebaya modern kancing depan.
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