Kebaya KunKun

Kebaya Kunkun

Kebaya KunKun, Kebaya yellow with a yellow motif tile materials and the design of the neck left and right upright, to the bottom with embroidery taper model. "Kebaya Kunkun" is still a pattern and the price Rp.120.000,. To subordinate pair kebaya "songket yellow" price Rp.75.000,- (optional) when the inventory is still there.


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Kebaya Putih Nov
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Written by KebayaModern Putrasemeru   
Kebaya Putih Nov, In November this Putrasemeru make kebaya same model that is "White Silk Kebaya Ducts" and "White Kebaya Shimer" interesting, with different materials. Please see "Limited Edition". Also there are orange kebaya made ​​from finely organdhi.
Kebaya Velvet
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Written by KebayaModern Putrasemeru   

Non sequin Kebaya

Kebaya Velvetkebaya putrasemeru non sequin create simple and convenient in use, made with ingredients "silk velvet" As for colors of red hearts and white bones. With a new design that was simple.

Kebaya also cheap and simple with a material "jaguar" As for the color green, orange and red

Kebaya Modern 2
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Written by KebayaModern Putrasemeru   
Kebaya Modern 2,  in October 2010, the continuation of the series introduces Putrasemeru kebaya modern 2010, and complete the collection with the kebaya modern2 2010 with attractive colors.

Kebaya modern2 2010, with tile material korneli wire with gold / gold, White, Red Heart, Orange, Black, Gold / Gold, and Pink. with the collar on the left and right upright. for at the bottom of the taper model in embroidery and stacked neatly at the bottom. Baju Kebaya 2010 is still a pattern / alias is still shaped sheet of cloth. If interested in a limited quantity order soon.
Kebaya Putih Modern
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Written by KebayaModern Putrasemeru   

Kebaya Putih Modern, White Kebaya Modern Putrasemeru introduced with a material cord tile motifs in sequins embroidered in white with white korneli interesting. It also contained a white kebaya upright collar, which in finely embroidered. Embroidery in the center there is a small flower and floral filigree embroidery on. For the section on embroidery bwah stacked / double embroidery and shaped taper, there is also a beautiful filigree adds to its appearance nan. To model kebaya modern / kebaya pictures have white, cream and gold2. Putrasemeru also display the latest collections of the White Ribbon interesting Kebaya with a limited number. There is also a White Kebaya Korneli with design standards.

Kebaya Modern Panjang
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Written by KebayaModern Putrasemeru   
Kebaya Modern Panjang, Long Kebaya with tulle material / tile colors Black, Red Heart, Cream, and Chocolate Terracotta Salem; model kebaya this long to below knee, and the neck in shanghai model pretty. To create a split in the bottom of the / penguins. Kebaya in this statue has not been using the depth / furing, and loss of bone-white sculptures / broken white. Modern long this kebaya shirts still in the pattern / alias has not been in the sewing, and sewing can be up to size XL. Kebaya, the embroidery with a colored thread korneli gold / gold, and in some parts of the contents with embroidery thread colors attractive. It uses material kebaya tulle length 1.8 meters and 1.5 meters wide. There is also a long kebaya with a comfortable cotton paris, there was an existing color Brown Young, Green and Dark Brown, with colorful embroidered on the content of interest.
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