Kebaya Modern Panjang
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Kebaya Modern Panjang, Long Kebaya with tulle material / tile colors Black, Red Heart, Cream, and Chocolate Terracotta Salem; model kebaya this long to below knee, and the neck in shanghai model pretty. To create a split in the bottom of the / penguins. Kebaya in this statue has not been using the depth / furing, and loss of bone-white sculptures / broken white. Modern long this kebaya shirts still in the pattern / alias has not been in the sewing, and sewing can be up to size XL. Kebaya, the embroidery with a colored thread korneli gold / gold, and in some parts of the contents with embroidery thread colors attractive. It uses material kebaya tulle length 1.8 meters and 1.5 meters wide. There is also a long kebaya with a comfortable cotton paris, there was an existing color Brown Young, Green and Dark Brown, with colorful embroidered on the content of interest.
Kebaya Sutra Salur September
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Kebaya Sutra Salur September, Silk Kebaya Salur; early September 2010, introducing kebaya could create two models. The first could create a standard model with a collar-shaped "V" and that the two models can be made a closed collar "Shanghai", and at the bottom of the taper model.
It is used for silk kebaya salur smooth and light.
Kebaya with delicate embroidery and sequin detail and without using a matching thread color to the color of silk kebaya material salur.
Salur silk kebaya material used has a length of 1.5 meters and 1.5 meters wide, as well as embroidery on the front length 95cm (from shoulder), embroidery on the back of 60cm, 34cm and hand embroidery section for shanghai collar 44cm in length.
The colors available Gold, Magenta, Turkish, White, Gray and Red Heart.
New Kebaya E-wako Agustus
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New Kebaya E-wako Agustus, E-Wako Embroidery Kebaya with 10 attractive colors, materials E-Wako kebaya is not necessary innards / furing again, and his material smooth / comfortable for the wear.
And can in sewing up to size XL, material width 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter length. And no sequins / sequeins for those who do not like the beads / that there is lightning. In embroidery with delicate and beautiful, as for the existing color: Red Heart, Magenta, White, Purple, Dark Silver, Abu-abu/Grey, Cream, Turkish, Dark Brown and Gold / Gold.
90cm long front embroidery, embroidery on the bottom width 40cm, length 32cm hand embroidery section, and embroidery on the back 65cm.
Colection Limited Abaya
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Colection Limited Abaya, In the August 2010 edition is the latest Collection Abaya putrasemeru have a limited number. This abaya wearing Thai Silk material is comfortable, with a width of 1.5 meters x 2.25 meters. With the little flowers beautify the embroidery on the Ribbon. Colors available for this Abaya: White Bone, Green, Green Gold and Brown Gold.
New Release kebaya Agustus
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Kebaya Collection Putrasemeru New Release Kebaya August 2010.

In August 2010, a new release issued Putrasemeru kebaya with Kornel tile materials and has 6 attractive colors.

With a standing collar and pretty model; suitable for teenagers nan energetic and graceful. With the korneli gold color. And at the bottom can be made ​​two taper models and open. And there motives nan attractive flowers that fill in the color of the interesting threads.

Can also play camisol color color / depth that can change the appearance of our kebaya, or in accordance with the trend now.

Kebaya has a length of 1.5 meters and 1.5 meters wide; So enough for body size XL. With still a material embroidered kebaya, this will facilitate the buyers, because it can use its own body size, so fit and beautiful bodies to the point of view.

The kebaya Color: Red Heart, Turkish, Cream, Pink, Brown and Brown Brick.
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